Service stats over the last 60 days:     2,528 Practice cover requests   6,680 Shift assignments by hubs   762 Shift assignments by employees 

Primary Care solutions inside a 0% commission workforce network

For all allied healthcare professionals, practices, PCNs & federations

Locum & network staff solution for practices
5p - 0% commission
Proven eRostering solution for practices & PCNs, networked with locums
15p - 0% commission
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Full operational demand & capacity solution for practices & PCNs, networked with locums
25p - 0% commission
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Staff accounts - clinical & non-clincial
Connect with all employer accounts and design your working Schedule
FREE & 0% commission


Designed by GP’s, Tempo is the only rostering platform that works in the complexity of primary care, making rotering easy & giving practices control of workforce and financial planning.

Tempo enables continual learning and the ability to properly plan weeks and years, improving patient outcomes, staff satisfaction and practice profit at the same time.

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Enabling Practices PCN’s and Federations to work in collaboration.

Creating a single staff directory for clinical and non-clinical staff. Integrates externally employed and flexible staff.

Simple user job plans with contracted hours and pay rates for all staff.


Easy to use leave management with real-time tracking of leave, TOIL and overtime.

Create Teams to bring together any combination of staff for leave management and build leave rules for different weeks of the year.

Overtime reports, sickness reporting with Bradford factor calculation built in. HR docs and compliance management.


Foundry reduced avoidable GP appointments to 4.5%, reduced high user patient use of appointments from 40% to 30%, saved 12,500 hospital bed days, improved staff satisfaction and retention whilst improving partner profit levels to allow reinvestment in our staff.