An innovative web platform for primary care that connects professionals with employers

  • Providing a powerful suite of collaboration and workflow tools
  • Generating a local network of workforce resources at the system-level
  • Low cost to employers
  • Completely free for all staff users
  • For practices, PCNs & primary care providers
  • Connecting practices to hubs
  • Building resilience networks
  • Fostering learning & collaboration

Service stats over the last 60 days:     3,686 Logins   3,956 Practice cover requests   4,738 Shift assignments by hub   727 Self assignments by employees 

Building solutions from people upwards since 2004

Practitioners: find locum work - pay no fees & no commission
We provide a Primary Care network where staff can post their availability for work, get requested and agree to work for an employer, paying ZERO fees to anyone.
Find session work near you.
No agency fee, no commission, no booking fee. Create invoices. Include pension calcs. Get paid direct.
Practices: connect with the network of resources
Free trial for Practices looking for locum cover. We provide a Primary Care network where practices can find session cover in a matter of minutes, at any time then request and book cover effortlessly.
Find multi-practitioner session cover.
Find a practitioner, request & book a practitioner, receive an invoice via their account. Pay the practitioner directly. No middle man. No VAT. Full unlimited use: £150 per year. The free employer trial is a full account with 15 free uses. It has no obligation and asks for no payment

Practice clusters, PCN's, Feds, CCG's

Workforce is a fully scalable solution for rostering a mixed workforce. It can combine your internal staff resources, including admins, with our mixed network of flexible workers. All under your complete control.

Use our AI to match your requirements to all your resources - salaried and freelance. Manage locum compliance. Auto calculate all pay, pension and leave. Forecast spending, Instantly communicate, manage all change and track your performance.