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Hub work
A Hub is an employer that manages its staff resources as a structured workforce, creating rota requirements and assigning appropriate members of its workforce to shifts or ASKING staff in its workforce if they wish to provide cover for shifts. Joining a hub is way to establish a stronger relationship with a practice or Primary Care employer and gain access to their internal rota shifts.

Hubs can also ASK chosen members of their flexible workforce if they wish to cover a shift. Your app will message you and you receive an email when they do this. You can respond to accept or decline any offer.

Joining a Hub opts you into their workforce but does not commit you to working shifts. Having an agreed work plan within a hub will do that but, without a work plan, you are a flexible worker to a Hub.

Once you have joined a hub, your account will share documents that you have uploaded into your Profile and you can see hub documents that the hub shares with its workforce.

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