How does our system work?

In a nutshell, it is like this:

We map every Profile to a Global coordinate and measure the distance between practitioners and practices

  • GP's enter their sessional availability into their personal Calendar
  • Employers see all local GP sessional availability in their Calendar
  • Employers can Request any number of GP's for any number of sessions
  • GP's can accept or decline Requests in their Calendar
  • Employers can Confirm or decline GP's that have responded to a sessional Request
  • The Request and responses are shown clearly and create a schedule and history for both employer and GP
  • The whole process is driven forward by built-in email notifications & reminders.
  • Responses / actions can be carried out directly from emails with a single click
  • There are no additional fees charged per booking and no margins for GPNetworks. Locums invoice you directly

Our system handles the process of finding, requesting & confirming any number of GPs for any number of sessions - no fees !
GP's create sessional Availability in their personal Calendars
Employers see all local GP sessional availability in their Calendars
Employers Request GP's for sessions, adding details like start and end time, rates and any notes.
The system facilitates a negotiation process until it is booked or cancelled by either party.
Employer is emailed GP professional documents. GP is sent reminders of session.
Each party has an ongoing schedule and history of work
Our system provides a Schedule for each party. Showing future bookings, negotiations and work history.